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Top 5 trending hair colors for 2023 at Le’Vie Hair Studio

A beautiful hair color will add an aesthetic to your style. Especially for those who want to change their hair color to refresh themselves. Each color will have its own beauty and create a highlight for itself. Here are some of the trending hair colors for 2023 at Le’Vie Hair Studio chosen by many young people.

Trending hair colors for 2023


Any of us can match today's hottest hair colors if you really like it. These colors will suit those who like novelty, like change. Hair dyers are subjects who love new sensations and they want to experience and lead the trend.

Smoke gray

This is a trending hair color for 2023 that is cleverly mixed between smoky and cold gray. This is a hair color that is not too prominent, but helps women look younger, especially for office girls, this is a hair color that still helps you keep your look neat and not too flashy.

Smoky gray is also a hair color that is not too picky. When fading, the hair does not turn yellow too much. 

However, it should also be noted that when choosing a dyed hair color that needs to be bleached, you need to learn carefully how to effectively care for your hair to keep the desired hair color.

Caramel brown

Caramel brown (warm tone) will always be the right hair color and never go out of fashion. This hair color not only makes the skin look brighter, but also makes the skin look more rosy. 

With this dye, office girls should also be careful because this hair tone is also a bit light, which may not be suitable for an office environment that requires seriousness.

Golden brown

This is also one of the trending hair colors for 2023 that you should try. Golden brown color is especially suitable for those with dark and tan skin tones. Golden brown will be the right color to lighten your skin.

According to many customers at our hair salon, when dyeing this color, they all look a few years younger. Because the combination of brown and yellow will bring brightness, youthfulness and dynamism.

Smokey pink


Smokey pink is a color that is being chosen by many women because of its mystery but no less luxurious. This color tone is a combination of light pink mixed with smoky brown to bring a youthful and dynamic look. 

In particular, those who own this hair color will help you to cheat your age a few years younger.

Graphite hair color


If you want a hair color that is both traditional and combined with a bit of modernity, then graphite is a perfect suggestion. This is a unique color tone that combines a bit of silver gray, a bit of shiny blue that makes many people admire and praise.

According to hairdressing experts, to get the standard color requires the hairdresser to be highly skilled, to know the combination of blue and gray. If you want to make a difference with graphite hair color, try layering, curling with this combination will elevate your style.

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